Ornamental Things Bracelets

Ornamental Things Bracelets


Coal piscine liver capsule pearl foal leonine

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Deliberate indents, trombone insular sapid, lemongrass roaming, spherical lozenge,ursine buttons crimini stickum moss bruins, bamboo deliberated, skewers rotating sander, crested cardisimularity.

  • Available in Gold Plated and Silver Mesh Buckle Bracelet, Silver and Gold Buckle Bracelet and Power Cuff Bracelet.

  • Power Cuff Weight: 0.01 lbs

  • Silver and Gold Buckle Bracelet Dimensions: 7.5” C X 0.35” H

  • Silver and Gold Buckle Bracelet Shipping Dimensions: 8" X" 6” X 4”

  • Power Cuff Bracelet Dimensions:1.75” L X 2.5” W X 0.01” D

  • Power Cuff Bracelet Materials: Brass etched Diamond Motif

  • Domestic