Galisteo Copper Edge Trays Beaded

Galisteo Copper Edge Trays Beaded

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Marvelous collection of trays for various purposes

Large weight: 8 lbs

Medium weight : 7 lbs

Small Weight: 4 lbs

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As the customers obtain the tray, the latter provides an excellent opportunity to showcase during a dining party. When the aforementioned trays, furthermore, present a small tray sufficient to hold a small wine cup the designs elevates occasional individuals and provide significance through recognition of personal importance. Nevertheless, egalitarian party hosts develop a value in the smallest tray through ability to provide the guests with an opportunity to relish a treasured item.

  • Hand-shaped from galvanized iron
  • Hand-applied brass dot beading
  • Very rich texture and finish
  • 2½" Dia  to  15" Dia
  • Small Dimensions: 7.5" X 7.5" X 0.09"
  • Medium Dimensions:11" X 11" X 0.09"
  • Large: Dimensions: 15" X 15" X 0.09"
  • Large Weight:8 lbs
  • Medium Weight:7 lbs
  • Small Weight: 4 lbs 
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