Galisteo Copper Edge Pedestals S/4 400000000381

Galisteo Copper Edge Pedestals S/4 400000000381


A majestic serving plate

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An engineering marvel which illustrates a waterfall of beverage through raised edge that accommodate the possibility of attached glasses.When the host formulates the pedestals for splendor as a fondu server in the manner of the aforementioned waterfalls and raised edges safely capture the melted dipping accoutrement.If collection of the trays remains complete and propelled, the presenter may serve as fountains for the aforementioned purposes. Through the complete collection of the trays, the host presents a full meal upon the pedestals and parallels a four-tiered cake through arrangement of divergently flavored sponges.

  • Toned copper rims
  • Rustic, galvanized iron
  • Hand worked metal chasing, mottling and slight imperfections in the raw material
  • Burnished surface of the trays and the copper highlights
  • Size 1: 8" Dia x 6" H
  • Size 2: 12" Dia x 6½" H
  • Size 3: 15½" Dia x 7" H
  • Size 4: 19½" Dia x 8" H
  • Category:Serving Trays
  • Color:Grey or Gray, Silver
  • Finish:Metal
  • Materials:Iron, Metal
  • Shape:Round
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Weight: 3 lbs 
  • Imported