Quinton Cheese Board with Dome 400000001296

Quinton Cheese Board with Dome 400000001296


A masterpiece with a copper colored plate, a pristine glass dome and a roped handle.

Weight: 5 lbs


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As the tasters designed the cheese board, the fabricators formulated a foundation of clay in order to promote durability which enhances the earthenware ,for the individuals who desire to carry the plate and stimulate banquets in additional rooms may safely proceed with such an endeavor. When the dome cups the plate the encasement mystifies the varieties of cheeses within the plate and stimulates importance of the design because occasional guests desire surprise in gustatory elements.If the plate encloses a carrier in a form of knotted rope not only to emphasize the concept of durability within the masterpiece but also in order to enable to contrast in the pristine glass in rugged splendor, then the knots that encircle the dome stimulate the motif of curves that the object embodies.

  • Weight 5 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 12" X 12" X 12"
  • Imported