Recycled Rover

Recycled Rover


Roost Recycled Rover brings the perfect, most adorable paper-recycle pet home. Each of the Roost Recycled Rover are fashioned with care from twisted and intricately woven recycled newspaper. These paper pooches are so friendly, that their newspaper tails almost wag. No walks required.

Weight: 2 lbs

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As the designers stun the viewers through the recycled masterpiece the black pebbles of eyes stun the viewers, realistically portray the eyes of dogs,marvelously contrast through the  white and colorfully woven paper casings, and emphasize the conceit of nature through a resemblance to the aforementioned subject. Additionally, the fabricators present contrasts within the masterpiece through a combination of antiquated print and colored illustrations, textured body and smooth extremities, a stiff tail and dropped ears as well as an exaggerated mouth and realistically portrayed legs.When the manufacturers design Recycle Rover, the blueprint stimulates a lightweight sculpture that presents portability.

  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Fashioned with care
  • Wooden nose and eyes
  • Shredded,corded,twisted and intricately woven recycled newspaper
  • Product Dimensions: 11" L x 8½" W x 17" H
  • Category:Decorative Objects & Figurines
  • Color:Multicolored
  • Materials:Paper
  • Style:Contemporary, Traditional
  • Subject:Dogs & Cats
  • Theme:Dogs & Cats
  • Eco-friendly canine
  • Imported

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