Siberian Fir Candle Jar

Siberian Fir Candle Jar

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  • Available in Small and Medium

  • Small Weight: 0.27 lbs

  • Small Shipping Dimensions: 8” X 6” X 4”

  • Small Burning alotted:30 hrs

  • Medium Weight: 0.52 lbs

  • Medium Shipping Dimensions: 8” X 6” X 4”

  • Medium Burning alotted:50 hrs

  • Scented:TOP NOTES: Wintergreen, Eucalyptus Leaves
    MIDDLE NOTES: Blue Spruce, Frosted Fir Needle, Golden Acorns
    BASE NOTES: Frazier Fir Balsam, Oakmoss, Cedarwood

Small SKU: IG-2365

Medium SKU: IG-2366