We at Steele Angel keep your information private. We never rent, sell, lease or otherwise use your contact information to anyone. We do not keep your contact information on our website even if you purchase something. We respect your privacy and your right to control your contact information. When you order something, send us an inquiry or sign up for a newsletter we transfer your contact information off our website immediately and place it in a secure, hosted service called MailChimp. Every communication from us gives you the option to opt-out of that database and if you do so, while we are always here for you, we will never agaion initiate contact with you by email, phone or text. We have 'flash sales' from time to time and, if you have not opt-ed out, then we will let you know about them via text phone or email; but it is not a marketing company doing this, it is Wendy or Staci, the owners. 



Steele Angle maintains a secure website that is protected from all forms of virus and malware (including the fonts we use). Your connection to our website is encrypted (https) as is any personal contact information you provide, even if just an inquiry. Permanent company records are stored with military grade encryption and full compliance with e-commerce standards is maintained. Your credit card information is not kept on our website and is not recorded or remembered by our website. Our E-commerce payment processor, SQUARE, is PCI-1 compliant ensuring best practices to guard your information. Information on SQUARE is maintained with the strictest security protocols and is used ONLY in the event a refund is needed. We do not allow any other company including marketing companies to have access to your information or even your meta-data. 

Why do I have to re-enter my information?

Some customers ask why we can't 'remember them' or assign a log in to simplify ordering. While many online stores do this to sell more online by streamlining the ordering process we do not. This is on purpose. Studies have shown that even very large companies who do this can be hacked and your information stolen and misused. Since our #1 priority is you, our customer, we have chosen to design every aspect of our company with your security in mind. The easiest way to make sure that your information is never stolen from us is to make sure it is wiped clean immediately.  We have never been hacked. Our store uses only encrypted traffic and our company only stores information in military encrypted cloud (the same one that the Attorney General of the United States uses).