Creating Steele Angel

Steele Angel is the story of and passion and tenacity that has become the inspiration, and the image of this fashion. On Steele Street in Denver, CO in 2016 Steele Angels founders Wendy and Staci are two single mothers whose vision for their lives made them chase their dreams. Steele Angel, the product of that dream takes its name from the street where it all started. The rest, as they say, is history.


 Anchored in the place and feelings that started the brand, Steele Angel strives to be genuine and honest, thoughtful and cutting edge. Beyond the growing scene and lifestyle of Denver, CO, to New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco, Steele Angel exists in the way you feel when out on the town, and in the way you catch the eyes of people walking by.

Steele Angel aims to find the harmony between high fashion and an active life, walking on the city street and at home, Steele Angel brand lets you accentuate your life, your way. 

Bob Nevans