What was your favorite store growing up?

When (co-founder) Wendy was growing up in Virginia, she had a favorite store. It was kind of a variety store with lots of different things. The family would go into the store and head off in four different directions. Each person looking here and there in a different section. At the end each person came out with one thing they really liked; just for them (or a friend).

This ‘favorite memory’ played a role when she and Staci were ‘designing their dream store’; this became Steele Angel.

As you walk into Steele Angel (greeted by a friendly ‘Hi!’) on the far left you will find apparel for men and on the far right home goods, servings sets, lovely candles and the wine glass and champagne flutes. In the center section are women’s and kids apparel suitable for yoga to office to drinks. At the back left corner is the kids section with the precious little things our kiddies cherish. Toward the front is a unique collection of jewelry and accessories. Along the walls magnet and memo boards to add ‘that touch’ to kitchen, family room or kid’s room. Placed here and there throughout the store are hopeful and helpful books and books with quotes that make a difficult day easier and a great day better.

Watching a young family of four come into the store and go off in different directions; each on a little journey of discovery. This is part of the dream come true.

What was your favorite store when you were growing up?

Bob Nevanssteele angel