Fabric Notebook

Fabric Notebook


After the author examines various applications of illumination, the contrast of stark foreground demands creativity in subversive expectations.Sunset into pale wood lilac blossoms to violets the scent of a candle re-imagined as sage blossoms.As the canvas demonstration of the entity foretells , the courage upon the inscription nurtures a confident author from the original bared drafts.Whenver the greenery of the paper illustrates environmental orientation, the notebook nurtures a personal setting.Gold sets standard in forethought, yet the ancient black solidifies the placement of the pen.

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While the graying canvas highlights the levitation of smoke as a metonym of the motif which the manufacturer encompasses, the elastic flashes the precision of accurate pages in the course of insights.Whereupon the gilded quotation enhances the salience of the potential subject matter, the foreground of clouds stimulates the significance of a conceit that illustrates elusiveness of the written word. After the fragrant firewood of flexible amber tree saps of structural clay thrillingly and sonorously dissects in projectile whirs, tender lilacs tidily modestly ,yet unsparingly highlight the backdrop and succulent lavender flourishes in gustatory ravishment. Although the intrepid citation upon foreground inspires great and empowered tenets of the mind, the perception in stimulation of minimalist cover conveys the significance and courage of modesty. However the immensity of the presence of ancient homogeneous, yet tattered fabric which portrays the thread of individual signature of attention while the color and font in recreation of a typewriter solidify the perception. Whether the neutral coloring illustrates acceptance in the divergence of plans or antiquity of intentional theme, the decorative border showcases the possibility of imaginary annotation.

  • Product Dimensions, Shipping Dimensions and Weight: 3.5" X 5.5" , 8"L X6"W X 4" H, 0.38 lbs

  • Slight Variations and Distressing are intentional and are to be expected

  • Materials: fabric notebooks contain lined pages and have an elastic band

  • Domestic

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