Beer Tasting Flight

Beer Tasting Flight


Beautiful orchestra of pines and pints upon the ceviches cocktails and holandaise covered chicken

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Calf liver paste in the interested jelly of bluegrass, tabby stripes decorate the inner layer of truffle, porcini and fared mushrooms, tangy ale of wilderness fluidly contains a current of exhilaration in appetite and the fir gelato clears the palate.

  • Available as two sets of three glasses and arises upon a board
  • Weight:0.125 lbs
  • Individual Glass dimensions: 2" L X 2" W X 6" H
  • Board Dimensions: 21" L X 4" W X 0.5" D
  • Shipping Dimensions: 21"  X 4"  X 6.5"
  • Materials: Crystal glass upon a fir sanded paddle
  • imported

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